257th Revives Tradition

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DC National Guard

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The 257th Army Band, “The Band of the Nation’s Capital” Announces their new tagline…“Same old is not part of the program”

Washington DC, June 2010 — Chief Warrant Officer Sheila M. Klotz, Commander of the 257th Army Band unveiled the new tagline for the 257th Army Band just in time for the unit’s 17-day Concert Series. Eric Swartz, Tagline Guru, developed the tagline giving the world a view into what to expect from the 257th. This memorable phrase is yet another indicator of their mission to revive the traditional Military Band Concert. Talent, Casting and Booking Director, Disney Entertainment Productions praised the direction and leadership of the 257th Army Band saying, “Free entertainment is our biggest competition. The 257th Army Band performances are breaking new ground as they successfully rejuvenate our American tradition of Sousa’s free concert band in the gazebo”

“We’ve been going to the 257th Army Band concerts for just about 6 years”. John and Betty Bryan, both WWII veterans, said in reaction to the new tagline. “And we haven’t been disappointed. You can go to the Kennedy Center and pay too much for a bad seat in the back but you can’t get a bad seat at one of their concerts. They are the BEST...and you cannot beat the price!”

With the release of a video from their kick-off concert at the College of Southern Maryland, the 257th Army Band made it clear to everyone on the internet that the 257th is “Not your mother’s Army Band”

Stan Freese (Talent, Casting and Booking Director, Disney Entertainment Productions), “I’m so proud of the 257th Army Band for what they’re doing to renew and rejuvenate our time honored, traditional Army Band concert. They found a way to bring the patriotic tradition, as well as excitement and entertainment, back to America’s concert-going family”

Same old is NOT part of the program.

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