School outreach

By SGT Michelle Monroe
147th Army Band

News story photo
Photo credit: 1SG David Barkus
FTX performs at Camp Rapid as the grand finale performance after touring the schools of western South Dakota.
The 147th Army Band deployed into the schools of South Dakota during February 2012. The unit breaks down into the following five MPTs: the variety group “FTX”, the rock band “SGT Rock”, the brass choir “Mission Essential,” the clarinet choir “Black Ops,” and the newly formed country band “Drive On.” The teams infiltrated 52 schools in five days planting seeds of support and patriotism in the hearts of our nation's future. The MPTs worked alongside the local recruiters from the schools who were very supportive of the mission. Some recruiters even went to other schools to enjoy a repeat performance. This mission was a great success. Students were thrilled to meet representatives of their own South Dakota National Guard and learn about what the guard can do for them.

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