Florida band takes AB training to Guyana

By SSG Ralph Morales
13th Army Band

News story photo
Photo credit: SSG Ralph Morales
SPC Dillon Engel, trumpet, 13th Army Band stands by while players take turns soloing during a workshop
In the group’s second visit to Guyana, members of Florida National Guard’s 13th Army Band conducted a day-long music workshop in Umana Yana, Georgetown.

Several Guyanese musical groups were invited to participate, including the National Symphony Orchestra, Guyana Police Force Band, Mercury Drum Corps and the Guyana Defence Forces Band.

Musicians from middle school age to senior adults of all skill-levels participated.

The venue for the event, the famous Umana Yana center, is almost synonymous with the Georgetown skyline. It was constructed by native Amerindians from thatched palms, no nails and dates back forty years.

The workshop/clinic ended in a jam during which all the participants practiced improvising.

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