338th USARC Band Performs For Packed House

By Spc. Aaron Burch
338th USARC Band

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Photo credit: Sgt Denise Haynes
The 338th USARC Band performs a collage concert at Onsted High School in Onsted, Michigan.
The 338th USARC Band entertained residents of Onsted, Michigan and the surrounding area on Sat. Jan. 26 at Onsted High School. The American Legion for Lenawee County sponsored the performance.

“I think it’s absolutely great and uplifting for the band to be here,” Mike McNally, commander of the American Legion for Lenawee County, said. “This is the third time we’ve tried to get [the Band] here and we finally did.”

The band played to more than a thousand patrons at the performance, with a musical variety ranging from traditional concert band music to classic rock to more contemporary selections.

“I’ve gotten a lot of calls from people asking if they can still get into the concert,” McNally said. “We have 1,600 seats and there’s not a ticket to be had.”

Taking a more thematic approach to performance, the 338th USARC Band adopted a new format of musical progression.

“Our program consists of three parts,” CW4 Marty Marks, commander of the 338th USARC Band said. “First is music that reminds the Soldiers of home, followed by the long period of separation due to mobilization and ending with the joy of reuniting with loved ones.”

Featured at the performance were two musical performance teams (MPTs): “Got Your 6,” a pop ensemble that featured music from contemporary country to classic rock and “Khaki Blues,” an octet whose selections dealt with the pain of separation and the celebration of reunion.

The performance marks the debut of both MPTs, as well as the band’s first performance in the Onsted area.

McNally also felt that the band’s presence has positively impacted the area.

“I’m just happy that the 338th Band is here and I can’t thank you enough,” McNally said.

Spc. Aaron Burch can be reached at aaron.j.burch@us.army.mil

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