208th Army Band Rocks the CIAA Fan Experience

By Staff Sergeant Patricia Dew
208th Army Band

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Photo credit: Staff Sergeant Patricia Dew
Army recruiting staff dance and sing along with the 208th Army Band at the CIAA Fan Experience 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Center on February 27.
At the CIAA Fan Experience in the Charlotte Convention center, basketball fans are jamming out to live music from the 208th Army Band’s “Official Party Band” each evening. The Charlotte Recruiting Command sponsors the Go Army booth at the Fan Experience each year and brings in the 208th Army Band to energize the crowd. Fans dance “the wobble” and sing along with the band during the high-energy performances.

The 208th Army Band is a great recruiting tool, says Captain Jason Schulz, company commander of the Charlotte recruiting company. “Having the band here shows students that you can be a musician in the Army” as well as featuring all the skills and talents that the Army wants in its recruits.

For soldiers in the 208th Army Band, the CIAA Fan Experience is a great opportunity to bring their music to a larger audience. The leader of the “Official Party Band” of the 208th Army Band, Staff Sergeant Michael Cheatham, is also proud to represent the Army at the CIAA tournament. “I am proud of the Army’s commitment to historically black colleges in their recruiting. The CIAA represents a long history of excellence and I am honored to play for their conference” says Sergeant Cheatham.

Being in a large public venue like the CIAA Fan Experience gives the 208th Army Band an opportunity to show people that there is more to the military than just fighting. Sergeant First Class Travis Tyson, percussionist in the 208th Army Band, confirms, “Most people have no idea that you can be a musician in the military. I love to show everyone that you can be entertained by the musical side of the Army.”

The 208th Army Band performs Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday at the CIAA Fan Experience 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Photos from the performances can be found on the band’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/208thArmyBand

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