Uijeongbu City hosts ROK-U.S. Alliance Concert with BMK

By Lim, Bong Jae
Aju Kyungjae

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Photo credit: Lim, Bong Jae
Mayor Ahn, Byeong Yong enjoys the concert with his wife, Yoon, Ji In, and Commanding General Edward Cardon, U.S. 2nd Infantry Division while clapping hands during the ‘ROK-U.S. Alliance Concert with BMK’ at Camp Red Cloud on June 14.
The Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province, hosted ‘the ROK-U.S. Alliance Concert with Singer BMK’ at the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division’s Camp Red Cloud, Ganeung-dong on June 14. The concert was attended by more than 2,000 people including Mayor Ahn, Commanding General Edward Cardon, U.S. 2nd Infantry Division, City Council members and Citizens of Uijeongbu City. The U.S. Army opened its gate of Camp Red Cloud to the public to enjoy the concert together so that many citizens could visit the place. The formal 60th ROK-U.S. Alliance Anniversary Ceremony was followed by the concert.

“The relationship between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America has been the strong and enduring alliance with has been lasted for 60 years,” said Ahn. “It will be even more solid.” “U.S. service members are the citizens of Uijeongbu City. We will put an effort to heighten the value of Service members of U.S. 2nd Infantry Division.”

The concert after the formal ceremony was played by the joint army bands of ROKA 1st Division and U.S. 2nd Infantry Division to celebrate the Alliance. Also, the Uijeongbu Fusion MC showed its powerful B-Boy dancing to grab all the attention. Specially, there was a dancing contest for citizens and U.S. service members.

At the end, the Singer BMK continued to heat up the concert while singing her hit songs. Citizens at the event bought some American traditional food such as hamburgers, hotdogs and Barbeque and enjoyed the concert under the free atmosphere.

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