100th Army Band kicks off 2013 at KY State Capitol

By SGT Benjamin Garnett
100th Army Band

The Kentucky State Senate began their 2013 General Session with a musical performance by the 100th Army Band at the State Capitol on Tuesday, 8 January. Conducted by Chief Warrant Officer Larry Barton, the band performed the National Anthem and My Old Kentucky Home, the state song.

In addition to legislators, lawmakers, and general spectators, the opening session of the Senate was attended by Army Reserve Ambassador Charles Gorton. Before his retirement from the Army in 2009 (following more than 30 years of service), he served as Commanding General of the 81st Regional Support Command at Fort Jackson, SC, to which the 100th Army Band is currently assigned. MG Gorton resides in nearby Lexington, and said that the trip to Frankfort was an easy one to make to see the 100th perform. “The 100th did a great job with their performance for the State Senate, and a great job representing the best qualities of the Army Reserve,” said Gorton. The purpose of the USAR Ambassador Program is to promote awareness of the Army Reserve and to represent the Chief of the Army Reserve at state and local levels. MG Gorton said that his job as a USAR Ambassador was made easier on Tuesday by the 100ths musical performance at the Capitol.

The 100th Army Band has performed in a variety of locations and venues across Kentucky and across the nation over the last six months. In July of 2012, the units various ensembles executed more than 20 performance missions in 11 days while on their two week Annual Training at the Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. In recent months, the unit has performed for military memorials, parades and other community events, school functions, retirement communities, sporting events, and official military events.

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