Rock Bands Team up for Rock Concert on Bagram.

By SPC Elizabeth Bryan
82nd Airborne Division Band

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Photo credit: SPC Elizabeth Bryan
Drummers Jeffrey Dudzienski on the right (Riserburn) and BJ Kerwin (Niki Barr Band) stand in front of their drum sets.
A new sound roared through the night on Bagram Airfield. The sounds of bombers, jets, and choppers were drowned out by an even louder thunder; a sound that would take some of the troops back home, even for just a portion of the night. Troops that were off Thursday night headed towards the sound, like moths attracted to light, they entered the MWR Clamshell.
Bright lights showered the building and on stage stood the source of that roaring sound: Riserburn. The audience cheered and clapped, calling for more and getting into the show. Throughout the performance, more and more people continued to file into the Clamshell, to enjoy the live rock show.
Off to the side of the stage sat another rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Riserburn played as an opening for the Niki Barr Band for an hour and a half.
Before the performance, drummer for Riserburn, SSG Jeff Dudzienski and drummer for the Niki Barr Band, BJ Kerwin met on stage and exchanged friendly introductions. Kerwin smiled, looking at the room full of troops, “The Niki Barr Band has played for deployed troops before…about once a year, but this is my first time [going on this tour]. I love it. Being on stage feels great and it’s even better to be doing it for the people who serve our country.”
Kerwin has played the drums for twelve years, and has been with the Niki Barr Band for ten months. He started out playing guitar for his first four months with the band before going back to the drum set. Island Styles plays backup guitar now. “No. That’s not a stage name, that’s his real name,” jokes Kerwin. Scott Ensign is the band’s bass player and Niki Barr is the lead guitar and vocalist for the band.
Once on stage, the Niki Barr Band rocked like there was no tomorrow. The hype was great as they sang, played, and jumped all around the stage, throwing their heads wildly with the music. They sounded great and as the grand finale, Riserburn joined the Niki Barr Band onstage to sing the Beatles Come Together where Styles and SGT Kevin Quinones had a battle of the guitars. The crowd went wild as the two guitarists went at it as a closing of the show.
The night of excitement has ended.
Time to go back to the reality of deployment.

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